653: MH370

What exactly happened to the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?? Answer lies here!!


Note: This is a strip made by Gilles Nuytens, the admin of the French/English version.  
The original strip was referring to a specific event in Brazil at the time the strip was made (2011). There was therefore no much sense to translate it today. However for those who want, we did it! So the original strip is here below:

“Rio’s storm drains, explanations…”


CULTURAL NOTE: In April, 2011 manhole covers randomly exploded throughout Rio de Janeiro due to faulty electrical wiring creating sparks and igniting flammable sewer gases. This made the news and was the butt of many jokes on the internet. (Thanks to Erico for the explanation)

First version is created by Gilles Nuytens. Translated by Érico Bennemann Carvalho.

05/04/16 by Carlos Ruas 1 comment
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